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Feeling frustrated every time you consolidate data from multiple Excel files?

Working on a project with your colleagues always results in scattered records in different Excel files?

Having difficulties with advanced Excel operation?

Need to compile data from several worksheets but don't know how to use VLOOKUP or VBA?

You do have a better option!

Ragic, a spreadsheet-like online database tool, makes sheet linking easy, straightforward, and fast!

Consolodating data from multiple Excel sheets by manual copy-paste is often unpractical and error prone.
Ragic automatically links data from other sheets, sharply reducing the errors made during manual copy-paste.

Link and load

When typing an entry in Sales Order sheet, simply choose a customer from the selection field. Ragic will retrieve more information of the customer straight from its source sheet.

Multiple version sheets

You can create different versions of the same form 	to allow different groups of users to access different versions.


Use <b>subtable</b> to manage one-to-many entries: entering multiple products purchased under one sales order, or saving multiple contacts under one company name.

Reference Subtable

Use reference subtables to display related entries. For example, you can add Sales Order records of a customer as a reference subtable on the Customer information sheet.

Converting records

Convert records by creating a copy of your data and save it to another sheet.

Update values on another sheet

Automatically change the inventory quantity when issuing goods from a sales order.

You can update field values in sheet A according to the changes made in sheet B

...And MORE!

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