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Ragic VS Google Forms, which the best online form to collect and organize data?

Design Features
Form Content Customization
Style Settings
Thank You Message Customization
Multiple Synchronized Versions?
Form Features
Access Control
Spam Prevention
Embedding on Other Sites
Response OrganizationIn linkable Ragic Sheets and can further convert to another sheet or generate reports.In un-linkable Google Sheets
Notify SubmissionsEmails, mobile app, database notificationsEmails only
Data Entry Features
Number of Field Types?265
Load Data From Other Sheets?
Formula Calculation?
Data Validation
Default Values
Setting pre-filled values (Pre-filled URL)?
Data History?
Automatically gather and organize information on your Ragic database after users have submitted their responses with Ragic forms!

Create entries faster by automatically retrieving information from related data

No more errors made by manually copying & pasting.

Create a copy of your data to be saved in another sheet

For example, convert a sales order to a delivery note.
Do more with less!

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Trusted by organizations of all sizes around the world.
Ragic customer list
Trusted by organizations of all sizes around the world.
Ragic customer list
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